Design Services

Colour consultation
"Silvia and I have worked together on projects and I have found her sense of style and incredible workmanship unmatched."
Joanne Duclos, Daisy Painters 905-713-5225

Space planning
"Silvia assisted us with the renovation project on our 160 year old post and beam home. She has an excellent eye for colour, which was greatly needed to bring life back to this home with a nod to it's history. She was also essential in the key areas of space planning in our kitchen and bathroom remodels and the execution of a new powder room where one never existed. With her contacts she passed on savings to us in many areas, while also reigning me in where extravagance wasn't always necessary to get the desired effect. I would have to say that the moderate amount invested in Silvia's knowledge, talents and contacts saved us financially overall, we "got it right" the first time and with far less frustration and confusion. Silvia really helped us "turn down" the stress factor in our home renovation project!"
Andrea Reid, Schomberg, Ont.

Custom window treatments and blinds
"For years I put up with plain white blinds on my main windows strictly for functional purposes. I knew I wanted to get my windows decorated but, with limited budget and limited decorating skill, I had no idea how or where to start. I tried searching on my own but then, after much time spent searching, I realized that the workmanship of many pre-made curtains was substandard, and colours, patterns and styles were limited. In order to do this right the first time, I knew I needed the help of a professional. In meeting with Sylvia, I was able to personally select the design, measurements, material, and accents for my custom draperies. The end results are quality curtains which highlight the numerous decor changes we made. I am able to continue to enjoy spending time in my home."
Cheers, Jacquie Copithorn

Bedding and upholstery
"My sentimental chair - a warm remembrance of my Grandfather watching his hockey games - had become emotional baggage: too tattered to use, but I couldn't let it go. Silvia saw it in my storage room and her eyes lit up with recognition of its significance and potential. We chose a fabric and she took the chair. Then came the excited phone call - the upholsterer had literally uncovered the chair's original lines and wanted permission to restore the detail. But of course! I now have not only my sentimental chair, but also a unique piece that belongs in my home - and at a price I could afford."

Decorating solutions and Finishing touches
"As an artist myself and on a tight budget I did not need or take help with the design of my restaurant. Until Silvia pointed out that my Windows need to look as good as everything else. She took care of function and design of the window treatment to add just the perfect finishing touch that was needed. Please join us for lunch or dinner to see for yourself."
Alvaro Mascimento
Port Soiree, Schomberg 905-939-7678

Sourcing and personal shopping
...for all your decorating and renovating needs including furniture, floor coverings,lighting, fabrics, wallpaper accessories and art.

Art work is very important to the decor in any home. I like to work with local Artists to bring some personality and value to my projects. Check out my favourites with these links.


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Tom Wray: Local artist and photographer of many of the photos on this website
More local area artists
Arts Society King: ASK

Catherine Gutsche:
Webmaster for KANI and more...

Painting at Port Soiree by
artist/owner Alvaro Mascimento

Artwork often is the "finishing" touch that accents an environment. At Port Soiree the artwork not only makes a statement about the reestaurant's dining room but also makes a statement about the owner. The artist IS the owner and Silvia successfully matched her window treatments to accent the art this time.